Endometriosis. Frowny face.

Major TMI ahead. Go away if you don't like to read about bodily fluids and functions. Really.

I got my first period when I was 11. For the first year or so, they were normal periods, requiring no pain relievers and little pads. By the time I was 13, it was pretty heavy, I'd get very moody, and breakouts. Still kind of normal, but no fun. In high school, I'd bleed through jeans and often have to go home on my first day to fall asleep in a hot bath and sit on the toilet and just bleed for hours.

Then I got on birth control, and my periods were not so bad. I could function, and the flow was average. No more bath time naps were required. I stayed on birth control until I missed a doctor appointment to get more when I was 25, and became pregnant in the week that I was not on the pill. After pregnancy and during breast feeding I was on the pill. Then I decided I was done with hormones. I switched to the cervical cap, and within about 3 months, I got pregnant again. After that pregnancy, I still didn't want hormones, so I decided on a copper iud. My periods were heavy and uncomfortable, but I thought it was just because of the iud.

Now that I think about it, though, this is about what they were like when I was 15. Heavy bleeding, like filling a menstrual cup to the brim within a few hours on the second day. Cramps and epic diarrhea. Moodiness. Breakouts. Ugh.

And for the last few months, on my heaviest day, rectal bleeding. Butt period. Fun.


My mother always suspected she had endo, but was never diagnosed. My sister has such sever endo (stage 4), that it strangled her left ovary and she struggles with infertility. She had surgery to remove the excess tissue, and the scarring had fused some of her organs together and to her hips.

So. I probably have endometriosis. It looks like, at the very least, I'll be scheduling an appointment to switch out my copper iud for a mirena. I'm not excited at the prospect of being on hormones indefinitely, but that sounds preferable to butt periods.

Any other endo ladies in the house? Suggestions or sharing appreciated.

Sorry for the whine and the tmi. Here's a picture of my puppy to cheer us all up.