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I Think I Have A Crush . . .

. . . on my coworker, and I have no idea how the Hell this happened. He isn’t even my type (okay, I don’t really have a “type,” but I know what my type isn’t, and he checks all the boxes).

When I first started this job, I would perpetually get him and another random dude in the office mixed up (they both have very white, very preppy sounding names). I found him thoroughly annoying, and constantly wanted to throw stale popcorn at him (still do, mostly cause annoying the crap out of each other has become a mutual pastime, also cause he likes purposely saying my name with a terrible, fake English accent).

And today, we were talking with other coworkers, and one of them jokingly asked him, “do you ever shut up?” So he starts yammering, and I put my hand over his mouth until he does shut up. When I finally pull my hand away, he goes, “I should have just kissed your hand, so you’d get it off my face.” I tell him that’s nightmare fuel, and he responds, “c’mon, LogicFail, let me be your knight and shining armor.”


On the outside, my face did this:

On the inside, I was like:


We have very good chemistry. I honestly think if we didn’t work together, we’d either be besties, or dating.

While this whole situation is currently entertaining, it is not helping my anxiety (I tend to get really weird around guys I’m into).


**reads the wall of text I just wrote**
Dear God, I am turning into a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

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