TW: fictional (dream) discussion of rape

Typically, I find dream discussions absolutely boring to the brink of fossilization, but I have to share this with you guys.

Had a dream last night where four male acquaintances from high school were accused of raping a girl who appeared to be Jennifer Lawrence. I was apparently the only person who was tolerated by both the prosecution and defense as a character witness, but at one point during the trial (which was taking place in my old high school auditorium), I stood up and screamed obscenities about the patriarchy at the lead defense attorney for the four young men. Perhaps I need to take a break from this here collection of sites...

It was truly horrifying. And I rarely remember dreams, but there was also a part of it which took place in a grocery store during a thunder storm and I helped a young boy in a wheelchair select wine. WHAT.


All y'all have infiltrated my subconscious.