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So today I was having a talk with one of my VP's about the student who has been disrupting my class for months.

I got told: "Ultimately, his behaviour has to be modified in the classroom."

I replied "Yes, but in order for that to happen, teachers need back up from the office. Also, I have repeatedly informed the office of things he has done in the yard at lunchtime when he is not my responsibility, and there have been no consequences applied for that behaviour either."


VP: "We are making his mother fully aware of his behaviour. Beyond making his mother aware of his behaviour, there is little else the office can do."

Well, now, this explains why the school has gone to hell in a handbasket this year, with the staff complaining about a lack of backup from the office. The Police were called this week after a student told a teacher that he wanted a certain terrorist group the class has been reading about would come and get her.

I used to work with this VP when he was a teacher, at another school. I find myself wishing the Principal we had both worked as teachers for had heard that comment. I'm not sure if he would have laughed his ass off, or completely lost it at that statement.

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