I think my dog needs a new home. :(

She's a rescue dog I got in Ohio but unfortunately, is really bad with kids. I have two small children and it's too stressful for me to be constantly worried about where she is and where the kids are.

I've been thinking about this for about a year and it's really tearing me up. She has a bite history so I just can't ethically give her to anybody. We've gone to a behavioralist and that helped a ton - but she's still not great with kids.

Just rambling and feeling down. Please no crappy comments about how I'm a bad pet owner - I've given this a lot of thought and think it might be the best course of action. How do I find a childfree home for a dog without a perfect history?

ETA: I am in the greater Madison-Milwaukee area if you know anybody without kids who wants a dog.