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Welcome To The Bitchery

I just got wait listed for one that I thought I really wanted to go to once I got to that city and even after the interview. Once I got my acceptance from the first school I applied to though, I kinda thought about it some more, especially since the one that wait listed me took forever to respond (well what I consider forever). I think I boosted this school up in my mind because it's in a cool city and I thought it would be cool to live there but I felt most comfortable and "at home" where I got accepted. Maybe they noticed how comfortable I was in the interview and that's a part of the reason why I got accepted? I had such a great rapport with the faculty that interviewed me as well.

The 3rd school is basically a no go for me no matter what their decision is because I didn't care for the interview day as a whole, the 2 profs I want to work with were alright but I got along way better with the other 2 I don't really wanna work with, and the grad students there were a ok but one of them didn't pay much attention to me when I was talking to her...


All great programs but I think I know what's gonna happen now. I don't know that it's hit me yet that I will be moving to another state. It'll take some time but I am excited. :) Yay PhD program!

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