I’ve tried watching it 3 separate times before the past few weeks. The first time was actually the night the Abusive Asshole assaulted me. All three times I stopped watching it after three episodes or less because the characters, what they said and thought and did, was such a reflection of my life. Betty Draper in particular reminded me of myself then. It made me sick. I just tried again this past couple weeks, and at first I was good. I was like, “Oh, this isn’t so bad, it has nothing to do with me! These people aren’t my life anymore.” But I just finished Season 1 and it occurs to me that maybe I should admit defeat. I keep asking myself, “Is everyone actually like this secretly? Am I just deluding myself that the world is full of safe and nice people?” I wonder if that didn’t actually have something to do with yesterday, the worst panic attack I’ve had in ages. I think I might have to wave the white flag on this one, guys. It’s a good show but I guess I’m just not quite as over everything as I thought. Has this happened to anyone else, with this show or anything else that seems like a really stupid trigger?