16 Independent Pizza Places, and a less than 10 minute walk to about 8. ALL of which are good. And that's not even counting chains! I've been saying that Pittsburgh is the Pizza Capitol of the World for ever and everyone always is like "DUH, Bingo, New YORK! Chicago!"

So my friend posted this list ranking Pittsburgh as #2 with most pizza per capita (I have decided it's #1, because the real #1 is Orlando but they're already the capitol of Disney World, so I think they're just being greedy). We're actual #1 for bars per capita, but if you've been to half the bars in Pittsburgh, they're nothing special for the most part. Our pizza, though, is pretty doggone good. So come visit me! Have a slice (or 12).

ETA: Kinja wont' let me read or respond to your comments. KINJA HATES PIZZA! ( I am having Beau get me some of the pizza that's voted Best in Pittsburgh (.5 miles from my new house) as penance for not waking up to give me my medicine in the middle of the night)