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A good guy, via OKC, believe it or not.

I'm freaking out a little bit. I've been really nervous and gushy all day. I haven't had a true crush on anyone in quite some time, and I've been single/celibate for a year and a half, so it seems like kind of a big deal. That being said, I really don't want to rush things or scare him off, but I feel like there's an honest to god connection here. He made me creme brulee at his apartment from scratch last night after we went to my favorite Mediterranean restaurant in the city. I don't know what to think guys. I want to just keep an open heart and try my best to enjoy this and take it as it comes, but I haven't hit it off like this with someone in awhile, I'm talking years, and it's really scary. He's also quite a bit more educated/established than I am which makes me a teeny bit nervous, but god, I feel like we've had a really good time together so far. He's so goddamn smart, and he loves pets, and he absolutely 100% has listened to me and fully respected my boundaries. We were drinking wine last night and he got a little gushy and told me that he had looked forward to this all week and called his best friend out of state to tell him about me...aagggghhhhhhhh.

Please tell me that I've got no reason to freak out about this one, because I think there may be something here, but I'm internally flipping my shit a little bit. It's terrifying and fun and exciting and TERRIFYING because it's been a long long time since I've felt a desire to be close to someone, and there was a little bit of sexy time stuff last night but it was with VERY ENTHUSIASTIC consent for both of us which is just wonderful beyond words.


TL,DR: Yay successful dates. I don't want to freak out and mess this up somehow. Eeek eek eek.

Now back to your regularly scheduled non-gushy programming.

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