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We have two small dogs and a cat. My cat is so well behaved and patient and adorable, but he has a hard time playing with the dogs. My older dog doesn't really care to play with the cat, just chase him up and down the hallway, to which the cat doesn't really care for. My puppy and the cat play together, but the puppy (who will be 2 in December, so not really a puppy any more) gets a little rough and the cat has had enough. Also, I have enjoyed having a cat a lot more then I thought I would, and now I really want to start out from the beginning. I think my cat will enjoy having a little friend to play with, seeing as my cat is pretty young yet, about the same age as the puppy.

I follow a rescue group on Facebook and they just got in a litter of 3 week old kittens with their momma and they have three or four orange tabbies, which have always been my favorite (it's all Milo and Otis's fault!) color kitty. I showed them, in all their wonky eyed, folded baby kitten ear glory to my boyfriend and he was like "FINE BUT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT AND MAKE SURE THE DOGS AND THE CAT LIKE IT AND EVERYTHING". So I sent a message to the rescue group and we'll see what they have to say. I'M SO EXCITED AND NERVOUS.


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