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I think I need some help here...

Ok, I need GT’s wisdom. When I started my job I was the only person in my “department.” It was completely disorganized and unfunctional. The person doing my job was an administrative assistant with no background in what I do (Interior Design). I cleaned up the messes I was given, and organized the process as best I could. But I was completely drowning - the amount of work I had was unbelievable. I finally convinced my boss I needed an assistant. We hired one. She’s been very helpful, and I’m grateful for her.

Here’s the rub. A couple of weeks ago my company hired a “manager” of my department (a department I created, but I’m going to put that anger in a little box and quash it for now). Since the new manager came on board my “assistant” has developed an attitude. She talks over me, and gets a bit pissy when I ask her to do anything. She made a sly little comment recently about “who am I taking directions from?” I’ve tried to be really open, but this shit is really starting to piss me off. Today the new manager brought it up, but I didn’t want to say anything disparaging about the assistant.

Here’s the thing, I’m a guy, and the assistant is young woman. I have 15+ years experience, and she has just graduated from college - this is her first job in the industry. I feel like if I say “please stop talking and listen to what we’re saying” I’m an asshole. There’s no polite way to say “hey, the person in the room with the least experience shouldn’t be the first person to answer every single question. I really have no idea how to say “dude, listen more and speak less” without sounding like a complete dick. Suggestions?

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