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I think I'd rather lie back and think of England than get this sort of jiggy with it

Ah, Cracked, you unreliable source of funny you. Sometimes you're great, most times you're meh, and then there's times like this when I nod and blink slowly at the screen ...but then I get sad that I agree and try to pretend I don't and I'm cool and spicy and more energetic than a cat in a sunbeam. Then I link to it here and announce I think the same way so all my pretending comes to nowt, but that's beside the point.

Who are these people doing these things without a camera rolling? Is it just to see if you can? Why aren't they getting cramps in their legs or neck spasms or weird pseudo fart noises at inopportune moments (not me, I'm asking for a friend on that one. Really.)?

*At every other moment of my day I look super effortlessly cool.

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