and think, I feel, I intuit, that something is going on with ManCandy. Maybe. Like he is possibly leaving for another job? He's been gone a lot the past few weeks presumably because of his or his daughter's health issues. But either it's true and if so she's a very sickly little girl or he is interviewing a lot. There was also the "hush hush" conversation he and another coworker were having as I walked by and overheard "lots of room to move over there"... Not the he particularly seems like the type to want to move up the food chain but then I hardly know him.

I will be so incredibly bummed to not have him working anymore at my office - it was so something to look forward too (but I still really like this job). On the other hand, I am still unsure as to if will get hired on full time and my contract is running out. So, it's looking like I won't be working there after December and will be back out on the streets looking for work :(

However, I should finish on a positive note: We had a very nice interaction in the elevator (alone at last! albeit for only one floor :) on Tuesday. I was coming up from getting some coffee and the elevator stopped at the floor below mine where everybody riding with me exited. I wasn't really paying attention because I, I am sorry to admit, am one of those phone zombies. I look up to see just him lurching into the cab and fumbling at our floor button. I waited for him to turn and acknowledge me - he makes eye contact and I looked back and said "Good Morning" to which he replied "Good Morning" and smiled back. And then I couldn't think of anything more to say than that and it didn't matter because we arrived at our floor and parted ways.... And then I haven't really seen him since then and had no interaction. boo.
And we are still scheduled to work on a project together so... I hope he stays around.