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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I think I'm finally not depressed...

This was a rough year and I feel like I’m just now coming to grips with it.

I spent the past school year alternately sobbing, asking for admin help that never came, vomiting, drinking way too much, screaming, seeing specialists, having a therapist who mainly made me feel old, and being unwilling mom to this 1 particular kid...seriously, you haven’t lived until other teachers come to you to with “______ did this! Punish him!” like you’re his mom*.


But I got through it, raised most of their test scores, bugged the school until the kid who ate non-food objects got to see a therapist, got a new job, and managed to resist the temptation of telling the district exactly what I felt about them on their exit interview (which was typed up in Comic Sans...cuz why not).

I can look back on the year with a certain sense of pride. I made it, the kids made it, and I have shit load of funny stories to tell^.


*Sidenote — I had an actual mom who would come in about weekly to scare her kid into behaving. After 1 period with _____ (he was actually not that bad that day**), she asked me if I needed her to get me a bottle of wine.

**SidenoteSidenote — That was the day I actually hit rock bottom and explained to her “Well, yeah, he had scissors in his hand and was chopping the air, but he wasn’t doing it at people or running or throwing them***.”


***SidenoteSidenoteSidenote — The number of times I said, “DON’T THROW SCISSORS!”: 13. Number of times scissors were thrown: 10. Number of times I called a dean and wrote it up: 10. Number of times anything was done: 2.

^Once, I had a kid threaten another with “I’ll put you in the corner and knock you up!” Only 1 of the students picked up on that and understood what it meant. He promptly fell out of his seat laughing.

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