Her hair looks amazing, doesn't it?! The very longest length of my hair is a couple few inch past bra length (what are all the levels according the the Long Hair Community? Those people are serious about hair), and 2C ish, 3A when shorter (I call it wurly, for people who don't know the curly levels), so I feel like I have some leeway. I would probably typically think that this was a bad idea, but I can't find my stylist since she moved and I need a trim pretty badly.

Any other methods that are tried and true? This actually seems pretty idiot proof... I have hair cutting scissors, worry not! I have about a dozen pairs of scissors, Mr. Misfit can't keep up. NOOOO, DONT USE MY FABRIC SCISSORS ON PAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! is not an uncommon thing to hear floating out of our windows!

What say you, GT? Dangertits, are you clutching your pearls? ;)

ETA: For people who can't watch the video, this is her method: first she sweeps all of her hair to the front in a ponytail at her forehead, then she slides the band down and forward, trimming off a bit. She does this again about three or four times, progressing up her head with horizontal parts, finishing off with the "bang area" as I call it.