until the government shutdown is over! There are just sooooooo many ignorant things being said, and I have to keep fighting the temptation to post a retort, because I know it won't do any good. Gems include

I am so left out of the loop, the whole government being shut down is real, my dad works for the national park service and they are closed, all national parks in the USA are closed, it's Obama trying to scare everyone into Obama care, like this is not a sign of a tyrant


See I don't have a specific party. I vote for moral standards more then anything, but liberals are literally trying to run this country into the ground. At least from what I am seeing. For one Obama care is causing businesses to only give part time jobs rather than full time. These are the jobs that are most available to the low to middle class worker. Which is the vast majority of the people that support the economy. If people work part time they don't have as much to spend. If they don't have money to spend they buy less. If they buy less then those business make less money since people aren't buying as much. If those places make less money then they have less hours available and lay people off and then Those people don't have jobs. Then they don't have money to spend and it goes full circle. This is how the economy is deteriorating.


Yay to the people who had their hand in voting for the 164 democrats who voted against funding the veterans administration....glad these idiots that are suppose to sand for the American people are acting like clicks in high school....even worse....4 year olds fighting over a toy.

Feel free to use this thread to post any idiot things your "friends" say, and exactly how you would respond to them if you could.