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I Think I'm Having Withdrawal Symptoms?

At the beginning of the month, I finally saw my psychiatrist about switching my antidepressant medication (my previous one, the generic for Effexor Xr, was fucking with my blood pressure, and I didn’t want my heart to explode). He suggested a new one to try, and I good with that.

Then he gave me 2 options: 1.) wean off the old one completely first, then start the new one or 2.) start the new one at the same time I begin weaning off the old one. Me, being a nitwit, chose option 3: randomly start taking the new drug half way through the “weaning off the old drug” process.

Things, are not pleasant for me right now. I basically have headaches every fucking day, don’t feel motivated to do anything, ever, and I want to cry basically ALL THE FUCKING TIME, over the dumbest shit (coworker doesn’t invite me to eat lunch with him *wantstocry*, etc.).


I feel like I am taking crazy pills, which is ironic, since I am supposed to be taking un-crazying pills.


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