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I think it is!

As I commented:

“It sounds ridiculous to me? Though I’m counting for two people partially here, my husband and I together buy about $50/month in bottles of wine, I personally buy about $15/month in coffee out at Starbucks or wherever, and we live in DC, where cocktails run about $10 each if you’re lucky, a glass of wine might run $8 conservatively, and a beer might run $6. I might have a cocktail and a beer or two glasses of wine. Plus tip, that’s $18 conservatively if I’m being stingy, though I’m usually at $20, so let’s use that. Going out maybe twice a month, that’s $40, not including any food I might get. Math: $600 in wine, $180 in coffee, $480 in going out drinks. So I’m at $1260 for a YEAR, $960 if you count only my half of the wine. So, yes, $1000 for a MONTH is crazy talk to me, and I’m less frugal than many of the other folks here.”


I’d be curious to see your thoughts and even your math! 

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