Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’ve been so out of touch lately, I can hardly tell. This week is kind of a blur because my head has been pretty bad and things have just been kinda weird. We spent Wednesday evening with my family for my uncle’s birthday for the first time in roughly a decade. This uncle being the severely mentally ill grandfather of my cousin who is still in inpatient treatment after her overdose. He’s super heavily medicated and going deaf, and his girlfriend has some serious cognitive impairment, so it was an interesting time. But, that’s my family!

Last night, I wasn’t feeling up to making dinner so LordSparrow took me to our favorite Mexican place for a quiet Thursday evening. Except, apparently, spring training has started and EVERYONE from the game decided to go there, too. And there was a mariachi band. And a table full of people who could not speak below a shout right next to us. We were both starving and REALLY wanted greasy tacos, so we stayed, but holly crap people are unpleasant.


Also, yesterday a FB friend of mine posted this meme:

Illustration for article titled I think it’s actually Friday (OT, whatever)

This person is single and childless. They live with an able-bodied, employed adult roommate. Who are they making decisions for? What household are they running? This person used to give me shit for being exhausted from raising the kid I had at 16 while going to school part time and working. 

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