Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I think it's time for an OKC break

I am tired of the site, and tired of emailing with guys and tired of making email small talk and after 20 emails saying "hey...you know...let's just talk. Here's my number."

Because you know...I don't need it. I meet men all the time. The only thing that's keeping me from meeting more men is lack of funds to go out and do more fun stuff. And buy pretty new clothes. And lack of funds is just as sucky with online dating as offline dating, because I like having the option to pay my own way.


I don't know...maybe the anxiety spiral I'm in right now that's making me crabby, because I'm dealing with breaking through to some pretty heavy stuff in therapy. But I'm kind of tired of it right now and I don't have the energy for dating and doing that too.

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