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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I Think It's Tuesday

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Here’s my PSA for the day, haha. What are you up to? I started off my morning paying my water bill. It was 3 months overdue which I only realized because I found a door hanger in my shrubs yesterday. I pay it automatically & get paperless statements but that service was interrupted on their end when they changed their website. I’m glad my water wasn’t turned off before I realized all of this!


Anyway, that’s been sorted so now I’m doing some shopping. My favorite hipster flea market was canceled due to Covid but is going virtual. This is great but also dangerous. I usually get tired before I can visit every vendor but now that I’m shopping from my sofa... So far, I’ve purchased some sparkly unicorn chocolate bark, a new blanket, tea, earrings, & a belated bday gift for my bestie. I haven’t shopped for anything besides groceries in months & this is exhilarating! What about you?

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