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I think I've achieved critical mass...

There’s many an old joke about banjo players, and they’re usually told by guitar players. My favorite runs like this:

“Hey, did you hear about the awful thing that happened to Bill?”

“Bill? Hey, no, what happened?”

“Well, you know how he loves that Gibson of his...”

“The gold-plated banjo? The one with real Mother of Pearl?”

“That one. Anyway, he was playing a gig at the Blue Pig.”


“Well, he put the Gibson in the back seat, nice and snug, then went back for the rest of his gear. But get this—he forgot to lock the car!


“Oh, no.”

“Yeah. When he got back he had two more banjos.”


I think my collection has reached a similar state. Yesterday after Spouse and I cleaned up the nursery at church, an older fellow walked up to me and handed me a Spanish-built classical guitar. That takes me up to six instruments (one not shown in photo):

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HELP!!!! Anybody wanna buy an Ibanez? I need to get the collection down to 4 or fewer...

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