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I think I've converted my boyfriend to feminism

Y'all, something really heart-warming happened yesterday.

First, a little history. When I started dating Mr Joutfitter 2 years ago, I mentioned to him that I am a feminist and he went on this whole thing about how we shouldn't call it feminism, we should call it humanism, because we're promoting equal rights between all human beings, blah blah blah. I calmly explained that, because there's been systemic gender inequality for basically forever, women's rights need to be specifically promoted (not at the expense of men's rights, but so that one day we will all have equal rights). I didn't think he got it at the time, but at least he listened and didn't try to mansplain feminism to me.


Fast forward to yesterday. I've been on a Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie kick for the last few weeks and I have been recapping each novel and short story of hers to Mr Joutfitter. The other day, I downloaded "We should all be feminists" and read it over lunch (highly recommend, by the way). I was telling Mr Joutfitter about it last night, and he goes, "well, we really should all be feminists," and then proceeded to say almost exactly what I said to him two years ago when I first explained feminism to him.

I was like,

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