Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I think Kinja is eating my posts

So i came back from lunch and saw some notifications, most recent one being from around 12:30 cst. When i try to go to the posts they are for, nothing comes up. It seems like all of my post from the last couple of days aren't there anymore. It dosen't seem to affect GT posts just ones on the Mainpage. It's not even Jez, i posted on a Gizmodo article and the post is gone there. I swear, i've been on my best behavior. I haven't been trying to troll the MP or start shit and a lot of my posts have gotten a lot of recs. One got over 100, including the article author Callie. So this whole thing is weird. In fact i have the perfect gif.


My posts are artery clogging artifical pasta-like food, Kinja is Pac-Man. Would someone be a dear and look at my posts over the last few hours or day or so and just see if they load? I checked a post from Monday and it was gone also. I would appreciate it if someone could check to verify it's not an issue on my end before i email Kinja Tech Support. Many thanks.

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