I think my air conditioner died a couple of hours ago. It turned on, there was a pop, and a smell like the first time you turn the heater on in winter. I cut the air, grabbed the extinguisher, and pulled the panels from the wall. We live in a mobile home, so everything is right there in the corner of the kitchen. No fire, but the drum is really hot, and there may be some wires burnt (its hard to tell if it looks old and crappy because something burnt out, or its just old and crappy.) I sat in front of it for a while with the extinguisher.

It's been close to 2 hours and the blower is still really hot. Hot enough that I'm worried about going to sleep. It is way past my bed time.

My face hurts, because I am super allergic to dust and dust mites and it is really dusty in there.

We are living in my aunt's trailer and have been for the last 7 years. We pay the lot and trailer payment, but everything is still in her name. We have been saving to move because we don't want to own a trailer. I have no idea if the insurance will help or not. I know she has no money to help