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I think my mom has adopted the guys doing their siding

Today, on my way to my folks to pick up my dad for a quick outing, I stop at the local Dunks (1 of 3 in town).

PaJinx is there, struggling to carry 2 boxes of Joe, 1 box of munchkins, 1 box of bagels. I thank him for buying me my morning snack, but apparently, "It's not for you! It's for them...but you can have a munchkin."

I follow him home and my mom and the workers are no where to be found. Why? Because they all piled in the van to go to the store to buy things so she could make lunch. Seriously, grown men and my mom, in a van, all strapped in, went to the store.


Last week, she told me how they were so polite and sweet and she wished they were her sons. Apparently, even my dad has been taking them on little errands (they get dropped off by the contractor in the am so have no transpo), they volunteered to install new screens on the windows for free, and were able to get my folks a massive discount on the gutters.

I don't think anyone's being taken advantage of, but I still find this a little odd...

Are my parents so starved for non-shitty son interactions that they need surrogates? Do my husband and I not go over often enough? What's going to happen in a week when the guys are done and move on?

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