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I think my new apartment is making me lonely

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I think it's mostly due to the lack of stuff, but I'm starting to feel like my new apartment might be too big for me. It's an 800sq feet and I live alone with my pup (who is slowly adjusting to apartment life). I didn't think it was much bigger than my last place when I came to see it, but after moving my stuff in I have these huge empty swaths of space I can run laps in.


Between the cavernous empty space, it being a high of a whopping 0° outside with terrible slippery roads, and my fella being over stressed with 15 hour work days all this week I'm getting pretty lonely. We had a date last night, and he got cranky and tired by the end of the night. It ended up bothering me that he'd rather go home and sleep than just stay at my cavern; even though logically I know none of it was my fault and he wasn't mad at me, I got really upset about him being in a mood and cried myself to sleep.

My friends are all busy with other things it being the holiday season and all, and I have really awful winter driving anxiety. I never felt so alone in my last place, most I would feel is a bit bored. I think part of that has to do with the fact that it was smaller and cozy. I think I need to fill some of empty space up with stuff to make it feel more like home, maybe then I won't feel like I'm living in furnished airplane hanger.

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