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I Think My Trainer Broke Me

At least I am breathing. O.M.G. I am old and fat (like seriously fat), and I was pre-warned before we started that at the end of this workout I would be really, really sore - as in “have the ice packs and ibuprofen ready” sore.

This was sprung on me I am sure because, for the past few weeks, I’ve reported no soreness after our workouts. She stepped it up, big time.


What was this torture? Fit people don’t laugh and mock me saying “well that wasn’t THAT much.” I am old and fat, remember? The whole session was jumping jacks, push-planks, squats, and burpies. 110 of each. No, not 10, ONE HUNDRED and TEN each.

Now to see if I can get into and out of the bathtub....Epsom salt is my friend.

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