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I think my wine went bad

Since I have the day off and my roommates are both gone, I decided to treat myself to a chilled glass of white wine to accompany my salad for dinner. But after the first sip, I literally gagged. As in, it was so bad that I gasped and accidentally inhaled the liquid instead of swallowing it.

Thinking it was perhaps the langoustines in oil and herbs that I added to my salad, I washed my mouth out with water and tried again. It was still bad and tasted mildly of cleaning fluid.


Perhaps there was some soap in my glass that I failed to properly rinse away. So I took a swig from the bottle. And it was still awful. I ate my salad in anger, so disappointed that a wine could be so terrible. I gave half a thought about taking it back to the grocers and asking for an exchange. I thought I detected a moldy taste to it, as if it was made from spoiled grapes.

And then I went to the internet and found this description:

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"Retsina is a unique wine product made almost exclusively in Greece. It is made with a base of white or rosé wine that is flavored with pine resin. The wine is quite pungent, and not to everyone's taste. Retsina also varies widely in quality, and an inferior product can taste suspiciously like turpentine."

So the lesson is stay far away from this stuff, unless you like turpentine flavored wine. Oh well, at least my liver gets a mini vacation tonight.

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