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I think pieces of my brain are still on the subway.

So, I was going to write about this last night, but got distracted by cooking dinner and watching old episodes of Master Chef (I'm so addicted). It has to do with stuff I overheard one man saying to his (I think) man friend. I had already had a crappy day at work and then I had to listen to some idiot say terrible things on the train and when I got home, I basically freaked out and yelled at my boyfriend about how terrible people are.

So, I get on the train, and two middle aged (I'm not sure what constitutes middle aged anymore, I'm guessing they were between 45-60) men get on as well. I'm already annoyed at one, because he basically barreled past me for an open seat and then that guys is recognized by one of the most awful human beings alive who also happens to be wearing awful dress shoes.

So, this awful guy, he's roughly 45ish and white. He's standing and his friend (who is not white) is sitting. They are talking about work, whatnot, the white guys is just loud and thinks everything he is saying is oh-so-funny and it's really not. The real fun, is when he finally gets a seat next to his friend.

This is a bunch of stuff I overheard from the white guy, said to his non-white friend:

Something about putting a tax lien on property, then they can't pay it off, and "That's how you get the Blacks out of the neighborhood." WTF ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


To his non-white friend, "You're not like the rest of them, you're a good one, you own property." GAH GAH GAH GAH

Then a busker gets on the train car (also, not white) and both of the men basically laugh at him because of his non-whiteness and how he is asking for money/singing a song. The white guy was basically like, "See, I knew it! Always asking for money." Him and his friend are having a good chuckle over this.


Then he's talking about how is kids are over at his place for the night or whatever. And he's all, "I liked it better when my ex-wife took care of the kids, I'd make the money and pay for things, she'd have dinner ready, and I'd just come home and be left alone. Now, I have to be a father after 7 years of not having to be one." I MEAN ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? WAY TO GO DAD!

Then he looks at a woman, who is standing and reading a book. She had clearly just come from the gym, she was in work out clothes, and looked like one does after not working out, and to his friend goes, "look at her, that's a hot mess. I mean, that's just a hot mess." and then both start laughing. GOOD FUCKING GOD. I'M SURE SHE'S REALLY CONCERNED THAT YOU DON'T FIND HER FUCKABLE!


The last thing he talked about before I was able to get off that god damn train was about how he's so smart and at 22 he owned 2 houses in Brooklyn. He's all, "I owned 2 houses when I was 22. You know what that says about me?" Yes, it means that you were 22 a while ago and you had enough money to buy a home in a part of Brooklyn that is not or never was traditionally expensive. GOOD FOR YOU. A LOT OF DUMB ASSHOLE'S OWN HOMES.


I don't know why this upset me so much. I hear a lot of stupid shit every day, but for some reason this guy was just a giant blob of racism and misogyny/sexism and it was hard to not overhear to what he was saying. I'm late-20's, white woman and I recognize that the racism is not something I have to deal with (catcalling and being insulted for the way I look is something I have experience with, yay!).

This post is of the rambling kind, but I needed to vent. Part of me feels bad for not telling the guy to shut up, but honestly, what good would that have done? I don't think me telling him he's a turd would make him look inward and change his shitty beliefs. How does everyone else react in these situations? Is there one correct way to act?


Also, if I'm ever acting like a racist, sexist, classicist turd on GT or Jezebel, please let me know.

[edited to add] I forgot that he was also mocking an older Orthodox Jewish woman's wig. So, clearly this guy is super awesome.

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