The other day Mr. Ivriniel was in the basement doing something, and the cat was down there. A mouse was running around, and the cat was stalking it.

Then suddenly, the cat knocked over a board that was propped against the wall, and it landed on the mouse. The cat then sat on top of the board, while the mouse squeaked underneath.

Another time Mr. I heard squeaking, and went into the basement to discover the cat playing racquetball with a mouse. The cat would grab the mouse with his mouth, toss it up in the air, and then bat it against the wall. He’d been at it long enough that the mouse was leaving blood smears on the wall.

He’s also witnessed the cat dropping live mice down the dry sump hole in the basement on two separate occasions.

We live in a house built in the mid to late 1800’s so we are unlikely to get rid of the mice. At least he doesn’t seem to feel the need to gift them to us, or even bring them out of the basement.