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I think the good stuff is starting to happen!

Wow. Just wow.

Tonight I went to a big party. (Full disclosure- it was at the Country Club.) not usually my scene, but since splitting with my husband I don't get invited to parties much. I knew a lot of old friends who haven't seen me in a while would be there, plus the food is great. So I dressed up cute and went over there.

I ended up chatting with an older lady who I really admire. She lived all over the Middle East, has her own publishing company and is super-connected. We had a wonderful conversation about race and feminism (thanks GroupThink!) and suddenly she says "there's someone I want you to connect with." She pulls out her iPhone right there and starts sending emails. Long story short...a year ago I was trapped in a bad marriage, overweight, and so depressed I couldn't function and wanted to die. Fast forward to this week, when I will be having lunch with Awesome Famous Social Justice person (not her real name, thanks Google you nosy fuckers) to discuss how I can get involved with her Restorative Justice program. Holy shit, I'm glad I went to that party!


And tomorrow night I have a date! Yay life!

Edited because I don't want this on Google goddammit.

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