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I think the universe is apologizing to me

For this.

I called on Wednesday morning, and the guy apologized for being late getting back to me. Anyway, the job would be unpaid, but it's available, and we're gonna work things out.


And then last night, my boss from last summer called about the app I'd sent in. He was like, I'd love to have you back, I couldn't pay you and I feel so bad about that, but there will always be a place for you here. And I said, thank you so much, I appreciate it greatly, but I'm working on something else at the moment. And he said no problem! I don't want to you end up like I did and stuck in something that's not your field and have trouble getting back into your field because you have to eat and stuff. He also said he'd keep an eye out for local opportunities in my field. Because my boss from last summer is an extremely decent human being.

Anyway, now I actually have summer opportunities, so the whole thing is looking a lot better than it did two days ago. Apparently my neighbor could also hear me swearing on Tuesday night. ._.

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