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I *think* today was better

At least it started out better. I went in early and had a meeting with our direct supervisor to lay out all the issues surrounding my colleague who basically is sliding by, and to pretty much outline ... look, I am doing all of these things and I am sort of being pushed to my breaking point and I need someone with some power to back me up here. He apologized profusely, said he was not aware of all of the behind the scenes machinations (which doesn't necessarily surprise me - I knew I was basically the little kid yelling, "Look, the Emperor is naked!") and told me to send an email to Mr. Colleague requesting him again to step up and serve in this capacity in which I had asked him to serve the other day, explain that I am overloaded on other duties, and copy our supervisor on it.

So I did, and in response from him, I basically got the email equivalent of a shrug (which I got in person yesterday), an I'll think about it, and a thinly veiled threat in the form of we're all busy and I don't think we want to start comparing who's doing what. When I read that, I'm fairly certain my face did something like ...


And the sassy southern girl inside me pretty well shouted, "Oh no you di'nt!" But he did. And he left our supervisor copied on it. So, at least now he sees what I've been dealing with, the passive aggressive bullshit. And now he knows what I meant when I said, "My capacity for bullshit is all full up." (And yes, I did say that)

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