Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Just LOOK at that cheese artistry! I wanted to eat their cheddar trunks, but I took peectures for the Bride instead. I was worried she & husband would miss the delicate details of such a Big Day. There were also Bird Sculptures in food, which I boldly pointed out to the photographer, only to receive the Stink Eye. I hope he doubled back when I wasn’t looking.

Sunday morning wedding with a top~shelf open bar. You’d think, “Nah.” But me & Mr. 4th said, “Okay!” We hit them very hard with cash in the card. So, we decided to hit the Special Martini Ice Fluge equally as hard! Not really martinis, more like fancy drinks, but delicious. Mr. 4th loves to “have a bite or a sip” and then there is none, because he was raised as a hungry animal. So, a bite is wreckage & a sip is a drain:)


Serious cheese eating, fake martini drinking & showboat dancing ensued! We are equally fun & awful :)

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