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Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m pretty sure that Other Husband and I got dosed Saturday night. We were together and neither of us was assaulted, sexually or otherwise, but I’m 99% sure somebody slipped something in our drinks.

I had 6 drinks over about 4 hours, which is pretty typical for me on a night out. He had 4. 2 drinks were bought for me by an acquaintance, a fellow pool player, but he gave me the money and I went to the bar and got them myself. The owner bought us one round. Since this is “our” bar, and I know probably 3/4 of the people there, and I was playing pool, I was not as careful about watching our drinks as I probably should have been. Husband wasn’t bouncing Saturday, but I know both guys who were, all the bartenders, and the owner was there. It had to have been the last round before close because I was fine til then, only slightly buzzed.

I remember bar close (we helped collect cups/bottles and clean up the pool table area). I kind of remember walking home with OH because this guy I know from the bar followed us part of the way and OH was concerned about that. I don’t remember getting home. I was texting (or trying to text... they’re kind of hard to read) Husband and a friend, so I’m piecing some of this together from those texts.


OH went straight in the bathroom and was sick. I texted H that this wasn’t right, we didn’t drink that much, and I don’t feel right. OH passed out in there for awhile. I couldn’t stand and was on the floor outside the door and remember banging on the door and at some point I was in the bathroom. I texted that I thought we’d been dosed. I remember lying on the bathroom floor and being unable to stop shaking. I have a flash of having my head on OH’s lap while he was sick into the shower stall.

Based on when the texts stopped, it was sometime after 5am when OH picked me up off the floor. Literally. He carried me in the other room and sat me in a chair to get my shoes off and he says he remembers me being so limp I was sliding out of the chair. He hauled me into the bedroom and got my jeans and earrings off. I have vague memories of that but I was completely unable to help. It felt like an out of body experience, like I was watching this as a movie or something.

He apparently got up and threw up several more times, but I was completely out by then. When I woke up around noon, I was sick, shakey, and had a terrible headache. He felt the same, but less intense (maybe because he threw up and I didn’t?) I felt like that all day, along with my entire body aching like I had the flu and just... feeling out of it. I don’t get hangovers. I just don’t. This was way out of the ordinary. We did basically nothing all day, just lay around and watched Harry Potter movies. I still don’t feel “right”.

The whole thing was a shitty experience and I will be FAR more careful about watching my drinks from now on. Consider this a PSA :/ Learn from my mistake... watch your shit!

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