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Tomorrow is Christmas with most of Mr. Ivriniel's family and I think the Annoying Inlaws are up to something. Surprise, surprise.

OSiL is hosting, so she sent out an email over a month ago saying "I can do this date, and this date. Who wants to bring what?"

Knowing that she is frustrated with always having to host, but that is not really practical to have everyone drive to our house when they all live in the same city, and we are an hour away, I volunteered to bring a ham. OSiL is bringing a pasta dish. The ASiL responded on the date, but never said anything about what they might bring.


Then a couple of days after I hung on ASiL when she was being a concern troll, ABiL told Mr. Ivriniel something strange. The Annoying Inlaws were going to her middle sister's place for Christmas, which is about an 7 hour drive. ABiL and ASiL were leaving on the 23rd, but their daughter was going with ASiL's youngest sister on the 24th. They were going to stay at her middle sister's for a few days, and then ABiL and ASiL would come home, with their daughter coming back with her aunt a few days later. Mr.I isn't exactly clear on the time line, but it doesn't seem like the niece is coming back until the day after our family Christmas.

The whole arrangement seems odd. ASiL's youngest sister is single, and that seems like a *really* long drive to take a toddler on solo. Especially one who is rather spoiled. I wonder if it is a test trip to see if the youngest sister wants to keep her for a few days and then drive her back?

Makes me wonder if they are planning something and trying to avoid having the niece there when they do it? And they haven't said they are bringing anything because they dont expect to be having dinner, and want to make a quick exit after they do whatever they are doing? I worry that we are going to be told that it is all mine and Mr. Ivriniel's fault that the niece isn't there, that because I wouldn't let them "help make sure Mr. Ivriniel doesn't drink" they won't let niece be around us.

I really hope I am wrong here, because if they pull something like that, it will lead to all out war.

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