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I thought I did a good thing?!

So, I'm drunk and I'm hoping this post makes a bit of sense.

So I work at a bank, which is in a sketchy part of my town that has quite a large homeless community. I have no ill feelings towards homeless people. This point is just important to my story. So, a homeless man was panhandling across the street from my branch today. I noticed he also had an incredibly tiny kitten with him, tied to a sign with no food, water, or shelter. Which is illegal in my city. So, on my UNPAID LUNCH BREAK, I took $10 to him and told him I would buy his kitten from him, to make sure it had food, water and shelter. He took my $10 and I took the kitten to my house.

Fast forward to 4:45, 15 minutes before we close. Homeles man and woman friend come into my branch and cause a terrible scene, yelling and screaming that I stole his cat. We press our buttons that alert the police, and I also ask them to leave. They do not. I call 911. Police come and eventually arrest homeless man and friend because they are acting a FOOL in a place of business. I had to escort clients out the back entrance because the police were arresting these people by the front door.


I'm embarrassed and so upset that my apparent act of good will ends up in my tellers feeling unsafe. I'm pissed. I tried to help save this skin-and-bones kitten from a life of homelessness with no food and I put my staff in danger. I know what I did was legal and OK in my city (according to the officer), but I still feel bad. I should've made sure he didn't see where I worked, etc. I'm the supervisor. I'm responsible for shit like his happening.

Ugh, GT: help me feel like I'm not a terrible person. Or, tell me you think I am. It's ok. I get it! /end drunk rant.



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