Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I thought I got rid of ALL THE MUCUS yesterday (complain about being sick here)

I’ve been sick/sickish since before xmas. According to facebook, this isn’t unusual. Mostly now it is just dealing with congestion - including some hearing loss due to head congestion + flying. To make things worse, I have annoying cravings for dairy products (like the grilled cheese sandwich I posted about the other day), which does not help the congestion. A friend asked me yesterday if I had left the house yet. Nope. I left the house the day before and will again tomorrow. That’s enough.

My work habits have been really bad. I’m acting like a grad student instead of a postdoc — that is, I seem to see this holiday break as an actual break rather than just time when I should be working. Although, I also have needed to recuperate from being sick, from xmas family stuff, and my houseguest last week (who stiffed us by $100 - we agreed she would pay my roomie $50 a night to use her bedroom, but she was $100 short. Grrr....).


So, complain about being sick (or anything else).

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