But it was the train.

We’ve had a LOT of large bills lately. Taxes (I thought marriage was supposed to be great for taxes!), the wedding, moving, dog training and living in an expensive city.


I was about to get the settlement for the RV! I was able to split the leftovers with my father since we both had a lot of money into her. I was going to finally put a large chuck down on my credit card that has been stalled at ‘maxed out’ thanks to the RV and lifes’ punches.

Today, Jax went to the orthopedic surgeon and he confirmed the worst.... Jax has a torn ACL and will need surgery. No activity for 2 weeks then limited activity for another 6 weeks. And the surgery.... Well it will cost about $3800.

There goes that RV settlement.

I know some of these are first world problems, but damn if they don’t sting. And my poor puppy won’t put much weight on his leg and it makes me sad.