Some people have been coming out of the woodwork the past few days and disappointing me on Facebook. Someone I know and get along with well in real life (though we don’t talk about politics) has been joining a bunch of racist-but-not-admitting-it groups about keeping these racist ass monuments in my city. Someone else’s husband just shared a meme about how shitty it is that BRUCE (not Caitlyn) Jenner is woman-of-the-year with a sentence starting: “You know when a man-woman is woman of the year...”

A friend of mine who is a Bernie supporter just posted that Hillary Clinton should be EXECUTED and called her a whore and a bitch. Hard to take you seriously with all that misogyny coming out of your face, dude. Bernie seems like a good guy and I generally support him, but I wish, in his history of being blunt and noble, he’d address the misogyny. Maybe he doesn’t understand it. That would be a disappointment.

This is all in the past two days. WTF is happening? I thought I’d saved myself from all this shit.


One time my dad gave me a condescending lecture about surrounding myself in an echo chamber. How I need to leave other people’s arguments up. Throwing aside, for a second, that the things I am hiding are extremely offensive in general, let’s remember the following:

  • Facebook is not the place to educate oneself on politics. Not everyone remembers that, but it’s true.
  • Facebook is supposed to be fun for me.
  • Maybe in his white man world, he sees the reason that he needs to hear and learn from others - the opinions are unfamiliar and it’s a different way of looking at things. However, in my pain-in-the-ass female Social Justice Warrior world, I hear the opposition all fucking day, everyday. I know the other points of view. I heard the opposition when I had a pregnancy scare and had to research where I can get an abortion, when I know that City Hall has been exploding with people dying to keep the city worshiping Confederate heroes, and when I know that someone who owns one of my company’s locations said he won’t hire a gay person, that is still legal in his state. I know when someone tries to force the Bible down my throat, tell me all the ways I am living my life wrong. I FUCKING KNOW.