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I thought it only happened at home!

This article in Slate discusses a study showing that women are more likely to book airfare for business trips earlier than men, saving their companies money. And I immediately thought of the countless discussions I’ve had with you lovely people here about our collective male partners/spouse/significant others and how to get them to recognize what needs to be done in the home and just do it, rather than waiting to be told to do it. We’ve discussed so many strategies from communicating, division of labor, learning to relax your standards, applauding enthusiastically, etc., but it’s an uphill battle.

I have always thought that it was because it (it being laundry, dishes, wiping down the counter, whatever) just didn’t matter to these particular men. Because if it was something that mattered to them, like for their job, they would see it and do it. And now I don’t know what to think. The article says that men may also choose more expensive times to fly, suggesting that women feel bad about spending company money and thus choose a less expensive route (at the cost of travel time and personal stress, no doubt), while men just pay more. It’s fascinating.


Discuss amongst yourselves.

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