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I thought my cat was bad ass before...

So I have a cat who is 16, and has kidney issues and thyroid issues, so she's already slow and crotchety. The last few weeks she has started having trouble with her back legs, like they were asleep when she gets up. and this week she has almost stopped eating. Like, she'll eat 2 bites, and then she's done. And usually she devours all the foods. So to the vet we go, and I'm hella worried. They take an X ray, and there plain as day is some sort of round metal THING right next to her spine, like a bb or pellet, that has probably been there for years. They think it's started migrating, and that is causing the leg issues, and she might be in pain, and hence the not eating. The last time she was an outside cat was when she was a kitten and left to roam free on a 100 acre ranch. When my dad rescued her, they thought she had been attacked by coyotes (she still has a hitch in her tail from that), but maybe she tangled with even more dangerous animals- stupid humans.

The vet was so impressed that they want to put her X rays on their facebook page. My cat is like an old gangster that got out of the game, but was never the same since.



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