I have to go get ready for something, but I'll leave you with this gem: To My Future Wife

I don't like this Princess/Prince Charming schtick (e.g. "You know, the princess you always wanted to be as a little girl?" No, I don't know. Because that's not what I wanted to be as a little girl.)

Also, this shit: "Your prince charming isn't going to fight to take your purity, he is going to fight to protect it." Dafuq are you trying to say, boy? I can't protect myself? PS: Someone has to take my "purity" away at some point in life, so *shrugs*

"Babe, keep your goodies in your basket." DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

Yeah, basically, articles like this rub me the wrong way because they want to show you that the person has good intentions, but if you delve into it, you find a lot of problematic ideas.