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I told myself I was done with Facebook for today 'cause stupidity

And then I saw someone post that George Zimmerman was $2.5 million in debt and ask if maybe the NRA would bail him out/pay for his domestic violence defense and the douchebag responded: "The NRA won't defend him if broke the law, right now it seems like a he said, she said. I can't imagine the amount of stress that guy has had to deal with." (He unblocked me after the meeting described in the link.)


Oh poor fucking George Zimmerman!

He has now informed me that neither he nor I can even imagine how much stress Zimmerman must be under but that's still no excuse for violence. Still no sympathy for the alleged victims of Zimmerman's 3 domestic violence arrests, even though I pointed that out and pointed out that it's now 3 domestic arrests with 2 victims who have reason to be enemies (which means unlikely collusion). No acceptance that maybe after 3 domestic arrests from different accusers that he doesn't have much credibility in a he-said/she-said dispute regarding domestic violence. Not even lip service to the stress that his alleged victims might be under.

But thanks for explaining that I couldn't possibly understand extreme stress, even though I've had PTSD for at least 25 years and PTSD isn't caused by things that lack stress.

I think I'll be skipping tonight's plans, and instead stay home and drink.

(A few days ago, I showed Cute Boy Person the animated .gif above and he responded "now that's just uncalled for.")


ETA: I just reread the linked article, in which I described the guy in question as "a raging bag of flaccid dildos mixed with viagra," which I see is a much more accurate description than "douchebag."

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