No spoilers. My daughters teacher has been reading them The Hobbit in class and was taking his daughter to see the movie today. He told the kids and invited them all to join him if they could. When my daughter asked me I was THRILLED. Now I don't have to see it alone! I had asked her to come to see the first one last year, but she was still a little young and kind of scared of Gollum. So we watched the first one together last night and went to see it today.

Not to many boys showed up, but a ton of girls from her class were there. It made me so happy to see a row of about 8 nine year old girls sitting together to see The Hobbit. I went and sat by myself so they could all sit together. After the movie my daughter ran up to me and said mom that was AWESOME!!!! She talked about it the whole way home and now wants to watch all the Lord of the Rings movies. Yay I'm so happy!!