My son is autistic and we have tried a variety of biomedical interventions with this doctor. We have been getting him low dose allergy shost for the last few years to help with his allergies. We are moving to just doing boosters for the allergy shots every 6 months. We've done biofeedback, which gave us some good results, but not ones that I think stick over long periods of time without continuous therapy. This doctor diagnosed Kenny's Celiac disease and has guided us with diet and supplements. We have also been chelating with DMSA. We are waiting for the labs we sent in on Monday to come back. You have to test every 3 months to see what kind and how much heavy metals are being pulled out. When originally tested, Kenny had very high levels of mercury and molybdenum in his body. We are scheduled to go in for blood work in January. (That's when our HSA cards will have reset.) They will check all his vitamin and mineral levels to get a better idea about what adjustments we need to make to his supplements. .

The doctor is very excited. They have recently added all of the equipment to perform stem cell therapy at the clinic. He briefly explained the therapy. They will extract some fat and separate stem cells from fat cells. They will draw blood and separate the platelets. The platelets and stem cells will be put back in via IV. They plan on having an anesthesiologist to sedate the kids but hasn't partnered with anyone yet. He has applied to do this as a research study. He expects approval in 2-3 months. The study he is working off of is from a clinic in Florida. (My guess after internetting is this one.)There were 55 kids who had one treatment and 1 that had 2 treatments. He said all the kids had improvements in digestion and cognitive ability. While they will try to keep the costs low, this treatment will cost $5,000-6,000. Although, he explained, people are traveling to Brazil and Panama and paying up to $25,000 for it.

Autism and Digestive issues go hand in hand. The intestines have a lot in common with the brain and it makes sense to me that the core of problems that affect one would affect the other. Here's a link where Michael Roizen, MD explains the similarities eloquently.

His Nurse Practitioner pulled me into her office to explain more. He is always a little light on the details. He also has a thick accent and can't explain things on a layman level. I'm a smart cookie, but I haven't been to medical school. She's a little more pragmatic about things. She said, doctors and people selling product and equipment want you to believe the best because they are selling something. She's made contact with a couple of moms on the internet and talked about it. They both said there were immediate improvements with digestive problems. One mom said her kid jumped a grade level cognitively in less than a month and made huge improvements socially. She is goning to continue to try to contact families that have participated to see what kind of progress they have made. She herself did the treatment recently. She has her own issues that it might help, but she wanted to see how evasive it was. She chose for her child to have the platelets, but not the stem cells yet, because he wouldn't have been able to handle it with just the local anesthetic. The platelets are supposed to help with inflammation. He has said he feels really good and she told me she would let me know of their progress over the next few months.

I told my mom about everything they said. Her response: When they start, we will have the money. (and also, you might not get much for Christmas - Like I care if we can do something that improves things for my son. Even if it just helps with the inflammation we know he has.) I almost cried. My parents help us so much with this. The doctor doesn't file insurance. He says he would have to hire 3 more people just to handle the insurance. I believe him. I imagine they would have to do a lot of appeals. We are usually able to cover the visits for 3/4 of the year. My parents usually cover the shots and other treatments. My grandfather contributes $600 every 6 months and I usually usethat money on supplements.


So now I'm trying to get into research mode. I imagine my mom is, too. She's a librarian so she starts researching things even when she doesn't intend to while she's sitting on the couch and half watching tv. That's what happens when you are naturally curious, ADD, and have an internet connection.

So this is my motto.