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So I was all caught up in the extreme awesomeness and romance of my visit a couple of weeks back and I forgot to tell everyone that my most recent ex (who became verbally/emotionally abusive and immediately rebounded with some random girl after telling me he was in no shape to be in a relationship) fb messaged me this long apology.

It honestly just pissed me off because it was really selfish. Basically the gist was 'I feel bad for being such a jerk and I need you to forgive me so I can feel better'. So I crafted this really awesome (and short!) response that boiled down to: your apology was selfish, I don't care, and you are not forgiven. He responded almost immediately and was all 'boohoo I know I don't deserve your forgiveness, pittttty meee'. So I wrote back telling him why I couldn't forgive him: that for all the months he was horrible to me, he knew what he was doing and didn't care enough to stop. And I told him that if he respected me at all, he'd let those be the last words between us.

It felt really good. Closure on my own terms.

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