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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I totally screwed myself over after an interview

You guys, I think I killed any chances I had after totally rocking the interview. I was doing that follow-up thing where you send a thank you card. I wrote this polite card, thanking my interviewer for the opportunity to meet and discuss the position.

I am very strongly concerned I addressed it to the wrong person. Like, I was convinced of the name of the woman who interviewed me, but now I am worried I am wrong. When I dropped off the card this morning, the receptionist looked surprised. I thought. At the time I was all thinking “I bet she’s just surprised someone brought a thank you card!” but now I am worried it was “huh? who the hell is this for? we don’t have an ___ who works here...”


This is one of those things you can’t come back from, am I right? Like, nothing screams “this is not the person you want for the job” like not being able to remember a person’s name who is directly responsible for getting you a second interview.


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