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I'm not really a fan of either Halloween or New Year's Eve. But, I do like to go out and get dressed up. So I tend to get suckered into celebrating, as long as the plans follow certain conditions:

1. Transportation is handled, arranged, and does not involve waiting in the cold for a cab or squishing onto drunk public transit. (this typically means I'm in walking distance of a bed.)

2. I can wear whatever the fuck I want. For both of these holidays, it means my outfit involves some big ass coat to keep me warm. Because underneath I am wearing some tiny black dress with sequins.


3. No parties that require tickets, entail open bars, or are mostly strangers. Only friends or my couch yo.

So... now I have to sit at work all day. And then do my big costume change and pretend like things are different after midnight. *shrugs* At least there's some champagne flowing, right??

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